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Yaser Asprilla representante
Perfil Yaser Aasprilla


Full name:                                   Yaser Asprilla
Date of birth:                              11/19/2003
Place of birth:                            Bajo Baudó
Age:                                               19 years old
Height:                                          1.86
Nationality:                                  Colombian
Position:                                        MC Left foot
Current club:                               Wattford FC
Recorded:                                    01/01/2022
Contract until:                            06/30/2026

He is a very technical player with the ball, giving very good passes and generating dangerous options.

Very dynamic player with his movements, which seeks to create game most of the time.

Representante Yaser Asprilla
Yaser Asprilla Representante

Position in detail

main position: Attacking midfielder
secondary position: Right winger -  Left winger


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Yaser Asprilla Colombia

Yaser Colombia
Yaser Asprilla
Yaser Asprilla Colombia
Agente Yaser Asprilla
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